Computer Glitch = Free Product?!

The festive season is getting sweeter when a glitch is discovered at a website selling renowned leather bags for gents and ladies. Among the brands include Alain Delon, Pierre Cardin, Giossardi, Giamax, Louis Feraud, Ducati dan Jeep Spirit…

Confused because I thought this should not be the case. Unbelieved… and I proceed to explore the advertisement…

👆 It’s true for this promotion which was posted in FB on 8th Jan 2020! Although there might be a big possibility of a computer glitch, the system’s discount should not be like that. Still don’t believe, so I tried to confirm this purchase…

Succeed! Invoice generated and left the payment process. Like usual, I opened Shopback (smartphone application) before pressing Boost.

Scanned the QR code generated by iPay88…

Paid! After that it’s time to shake! My favourite moment, will get points lah

😅 But will Miroza’s management agree with this sale?!

NOPE. On 13th Monday, first working day of the week, Miroza cancelled the order and replied instead they will either provide a cash refund or a refund code. I chose the latter.

The only thing with this refund code is it can be applied to a total purchase exceeding RM188 as shown below. 👇

👆 However, when a purchase exceeds RM188 as shown above, the refund voucher code is successfully applied.

But no matter what, as long as sign up as a Miroza member, new members will get RM10 off a minimum purchase of RM80 is also a good deal. 😊

🤭Amusing and Frustrating Design Fails from Around the World

Found this article funny but kudos to those who try. I could only laugh at myself for some areas I didn’t even attempt. Applause for their good effort so others will not repeat the same mistakes for a better world to live in.

Source: Pocket-lint, MSN